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Class Description
4 weeks of class

30 hrs classroom

6 hrs Behind the Wheel

6 hrs Observation

*We now offer advanced teen instruction program packages! Call for details!!* (*8 and 10 hour driving packages*)

Our teen program is a four week course. Once in our program you will receive 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind the wheel driving. There is also 6 hours of observation which consists of having students observe their partner’s driving. The driving portion of the course will be scheduled separately from classes. We can schedule appointments to drive 7days a week as early as 6am-9pm.

The 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of BTW (behind the wheel)/observation are the minimum requirements by the Secretary of State. We also provide an alternative package for those that want more hours at the discounted price, which is 8/10 hours of behind the wheel driving and 30 hours of classroom. Additional hours of behind the wheel driving are available at a separate cost.

Students will receive their permits after passing the written exam approximately 10 days into classroom instruction. The trip to the DMV to obtain permits will be free. Students will need $20 to obtain their permits payable to the Secretary of State.

Students will be required to come to our location for classroom portion. Students are allowed to be absent for up to 4 days of class. Any missed classes must be made up. We are able to accommodate students to make up any missed classes in various days/times. We will pick up and drop-off students for driving lessons from home/school. Additional hours of behind the wheel driving are available at a separate cost

The new Illinois law requires students under the age of 18 to hold their permit for a minimum of 9 months before receiving their license. This law applies to anyone receiving their permit after 01/01/08. The law applies to all driving schools and high schools in Illinois with a driver’s education program.

We also specialize in helping teens who already have classroom instruction, but need to obtain 6 hours of behind the wheel for their certificate of completion. Please call for pricing. We provide CPS Drivers Ed students with this service as well.

Please call us at 847-674-4554 to register.

Our instructors offer flexible scheduling for driving appointments.

7 DAYS A WEEK as early as 6am – 9pm!! Students will be picked up from home/school for driving appointments.

March 4 – June 10



We do have seats available!

March 19 – April 11



April 16 – May 9



May 29 – June 21



June 11 – July 5



June 25 – July 19



July 9 – August 1



July 23 – August 15




Publications & Forms

Guide for parents and their teen driver / 50 Hour Log Sheet

Parent/Teen driving contract.

Rules of Road 2016


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